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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Health & Wellness, Tips for Moms, Videos | 2 comments

Optimal Cord Cutting for Infants

Expecting? I wish I would have known!!

Watch this and increase the health of your baby by 30% from the second your little blessing enters the world. Nothing crazy, nothing uncomfortable just allowing nature to nurture your baby in the first 90 seconds.

I want to hear your comments! Did this move you as deeply as it did me? Will you speak out and command that you want “optimal chord cutting” it’s FREE! A gift from the universe.



  1. This covered every reason why I chose optimal cord clamping with my daughter a year ago & why I have chosen to do it again with my son. they deserve the very best start in this life they can get! I wish I’d found this clip when I researched benefits for my daughter. It had included everything I found, but condensed into one easy informative clip & place.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed in Jenn! I thought the same thing and wanted to make sure I could refer it out easily. Great information. I have 4 sweet angels and I didn’t know about this until AFTER I had my children. I agree with you, they deserve the best start they can get! XO

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