Time Expands for Me

Aren't these boys adorable?

These are my amazing sons.

I was looking for inspiration this morning I came across these creative souls. Look at them covered in paint.

I was so grateful in the moment when I shot this that they experienced freedom. They weren't worried about the mess, and they weren't worried about how they would clean it up.

Most importantly today, what ties in for me is neither they nor I was worried that there wouldn't be enough........... time.

If I had been worried then, I promise you this would had never happened!!!

We have moved to Puerto Rico and what was just a random shot one beautiful fall morning is now a memory that I can share from our past life in our beautiful suburban home behind the gates of Carlton Woods in Texas.

I remember my mother's helper, she was worried about their clothes, the mess and of course the time. I told her no worries let them play.

As I am getting creative first thing this morning and working through my own fears......

One of my favorite affirmations that help me shift from a fearful mindset of not having enough time, or worrying about not getting everything done to a mindset of abundance.

Just like in this moment.

I know it may feel or sound silly but trust me, from a women who moved to a place where she had never been with five kids in tow and is absolutely loving every minute of it, these kinds of tools empowers us to create beyond the boundaries that we "think" are holding us back.

They can serve as an intervention.

How many times have you said "no" to something you were inspired to do because you feared there would not be enough time.

How many times have you said the following....

I can't, I don't have enough time.

I will do that when I find time.

I am late.

These and 100s of other variations of headtalk surrounded around time can be stopped in it's track and replaced and reprogrammed with .....

Time expands for me.

Time is not working against us, it is working for us.

It is all a matter of our mindset.

Need an extra kick? Smell some wild orange EO while you are saying this affirmation.

Breathe in......Time expands for me



PS. Don't forget to exhale