Traditions, Turkeys and Turning Points

While you are planning your amazing dinners, I am playing with photos, fonts, affirmations and oils. 

Look what I created? 

I know its getting down to the last days before the turkey showdown, I am finding myself disgruntled with our Thanksgiving mindset and traditions, again. 

I watched a video yesterday of some crazy punk rock guy (think the old school "corn" band" driving around feeding the homeless for Thanksgiving here in PR.  He is inspiring. 

There is poverty here in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Yes, I know it's everywhere it is different here though because we live on the same street. We are neighbors. 

When I flew to Puerto Rico the first time, I had read about the poverty here, however i am a visual person so for me it really helps me to see it. 

I pass them everyday as I drop my kids off for school. One of them is so clean cut its ridiculous. I think he is out of his mind but I haven't spoken to him yet. He has a bag of newspapers and sits and reads them intently as if he is in a movie playing the part. The other day we passed him and he was playing the part of an arborist, checking out a tree leaf with a careful mindful observation. 

On my birthday we hung out in the backyard and let the kids play with friends. The same man came to the beach behind our building and took his ocean swim. That day we accidentally bought double the hamburgers we needed and by the time I connected the dots that I could have given him our surplus he was already gone.

My self awareness in hindsight of the gluttonous hamburger haul and a starving homeless man just on the other side of a concrete wall was soul searching. I envisioned myself passing burgers through the decorative holes in the wall. That to me would have been the best birthday gift. I was sad that I had missed an opportunity to share with him our what seemed like accidental abundance.  I tried to imagine if he was as aware of us as I was of him, what he would have thought. 

Yes, I value family time and a feast. Our memories of sharing a meal with close friends and family for 38 years are irreplaceable. I can't think of a bad one. This year even in a new place we are blessed to have friends already and where ever we are there are many loved ones and blessings to share stuffing with. 

For years I have been thinking, what else could we do besides food. It is always last minute and then we just proceed with what we know how to do. 


I was walking my little hall yesterday after doing some research about the homeless here and finding out that some of the addicts here are sponsored one way tickets to Chicago to a rehab facility (that doesn't exist) where they end up being homeless in a foreign place with no family or support. 

As I was pacing I was thinking, not to worry, next year. Then "calling" myself on that. 

I have been saying "next year" for many years. 

It is time, next year is here. 

It may be small but I am going to do something, if it is just to find my neighbor down the street and give him a plate of hot food. 

Thanks for allowing me to work this out here. There is nothing like outing yourself and allowing your desires tho transmute on to a page. I think I understand why Thanksgiving is always a block for me now. I also understand how I can change that so that it is an opportunity to do what I want.  

The perfect Thanksgiving to me would be a turkey run in the morning, feeding the homeless during the day and a sit down dinner in the afternoon to celebrate with friends and family. 

It still involves cooking this year <3 

Off to costco we go. 

Many blessings and provisions as you prepare for your Thanksgiving traditions. 

What are some of your traditions? Turkey runs? Serving the homeless? Food, friends and family? I am wondering if we can fit it all in on this day and get the full experience at some point.