Finally we are live & connected...

It has been a few years now that I wanted to develop a blogging habit. I have hired countless people and spent thousands of dollars to help me with this, the reality is though I have been challenged connecting with my message.


I am about to bust out some Lavender essential oil to diffuse, to keep this authentic expression going.  It is no surprise to me that for the last few years I have highly disliked lavender. Connection?!?

(Lavender essential oil is the oil of communication)

I LOVE to write and I have little excerpts all over the place. Notebooks that I have started journaling in to work through some of my “stuff”. I am a huge fan of “morning pages”. I whipped mine out the other day and that particular morning I woke up grateful, and I was writing the things off the top of my head and a large part was how blessed I was to have my husband. As I glanced over to the left hand side of the page I saw a half page, it looked like it was scribbled in rage about what an asshole he was.

Aww……. transformation coupled with God’s grace and mercy is bliss.

I REALLY want to write a book, maybe I can build my communication muscle here.

So blogging here I am.

If you haven't seen or talked to me lately, I hope that this is a place that you and I can connect. I am on a constant mission of transformation and the goal is that I am unrecognizable year to year so this should be fun.

Lesson learned:

You can not pay someone to communicate your message if you don't know what it is :)