Mental Clutter Series - Part 1

Do you know how many people are running around with mental clutter, myself included? Yes, if you look at the statistics (google it) of the amount of thoughts that we have in one hour not to mention one entire day, it can be overwhelming. What makes it even more challenging is that we are hard wired to look out for what could go wrong.

Bottom line is nature has us wired to have millions of thoughts per day and our subconscious is looking for what could go wrong. 

WOW!  - No wonder I feel a little crazy sometimes! 

There are solutions - THANK GOD!

Here are some of the things I do to calm the mind:

Morning pages: Kind of like journaling except done in the morning just after rising, no attention to grammar or spelling just a dump of the first thoughts that come to your head onto three sheets of paper. 

When your done burn'em  or rip'em up when your done, trust me it is liberating. 

Essential oils: I know you are shocked ;) Diffuse them, rub your palms together and inhale them. 

My favorites for diffusing are Lemon for mental clarity, Rosemary to support in transition and Citrus Bliss is an uplifting blend. If my head is spinning, I'm putting a blend called Balance on the bottom of my feet and Serenity. 

Breathe: Last night I had a moment where my heart was racing, I felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest, for a few seconds I freaked out and then I remembered to tap into the one who keeps me strong and well. I was reminded to breathe. Hesitantly I took two deep calming breathes through my nose and it was like a switch was flipped, my heart beat normal and peace came over me. 

What do you do to calm the chatter?