Mother's are the World's Leaders

I was just looking at my FB feed and I, a mother of five amazing strong willed children, understand the struggle and discomforts of the most rewarding experience on earth. 

The most common thing I see when I start reading a mother's bio from her blog or about page is somewhere in the mix the message that "my entire life changed when i became a mother". Oh how I thought I was so original back in the day! Then I accepted that everyone changed and now when I see someone having either their first child or their next, I send their soul momma to momma love as they are getting ready to transform in ways they never thought they could. I am convinced in some way every time I carry a child and give birth I too become new in some way as my energy and theirs co-mingles in the small space of my body and then we journey forward together. 

It is the most breathtaking, awe inspiring snapshot if it would just stay still for a moment long enough to grasp. 

Motherhood can completely engulf you.

No matter what it will change you and if you stare into the eyes of the light you gave birth to, you can forever lose you soul in their enchantment.


I share with you from experience. This coming from someone who likes to experiment with different concepts and has grown up raising children........ our most important role in our motherhood adventure is to lead. 

Lead our children to dream

Lead our children to love

Lead our children to compassion

Lead them to serve worthy causes...

I love business and organizations, I have been working at places since I was 14 years young.

Five years ago I left my 9-5. 

The most influential leaders, managers and/or bosses I had, the ones I wanted to follow, the ones that inspired me, were the ones that led by example. They were the ones that not only told me what to do, they showed me. 

Think about what you dream for your child? 

I wonder what their soul came here to do? 

They are some extension of you in this realm, either by adoption or biologically they have asked to be here with you to teach them. 

What will you teach them? 

Will you teach them to be free? 

Will you teach them to have healthy boundaries? Will you teach them work ethic, kindness, compassion, tolerance, faith, strength...

Will you teach them to love through the expression of their own lives? 

I see and hear and I was raised hearing of the sacrifices mothers' make for their children, I wonder if the perception of sacrifice could possibly be a cop-out for someone who was unwilling to live out their life passions with their blessings in tow. 

Sure I get it, modifications have to be made, there are challenges, responsibilities, and bottom line they have to eat THREE times a day, however, I wonder if we embraced the journey of motherhood with the idea that we would learn how create a life where we didn't have to choose them over us, how would that ripple out into the world. 

We may not see women fearing they will lose their fertility because if they hadn't waited so long they wouldn't have become XYZ, sure they may have became something else, maybe something better? 

What if we taught our children the important things by leading them there with us. 

Not choosing between ........ them or us. 

Motherhood is an adventure, live it to the fullest. 

My greatest teachers are my children and it isn't because I sacrificed myself to be their mother it is because we journey together and I lead. 

Lead with me, figure out what you desire and then teach them to. 

Motherhood is an ever changing landscape, plant seeds, water your garden and grow.