Chronicles of a Desire Map Facilitator: Authentically Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico

Four glorious day before the brave souls that took the leap arrive here. I’ve had some last minute challenges, the hurricane Mathew has graciously left PR shining however the mail and shipments of this and that are in limbo. As with any soul nourishing project there are times where we have to deepen our commitment to make it happen against all the odds. The key is trusting the process and choosing to expand along the way.

That has worked out beautifully for me, I’m so excited how about how this story turns out.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to support local businesses with the needs of the retreat and at the same time looking for a keepsake that would remind my attendees of this experience.

I was thinking, t- shirt , mugs but my desire was that it would be clearly authentic. I ran into a women’s conference online that I missed by one day here in Puerto Rico... bummer.

Continuing on and then discovering that a women who had helped put it all together here in PR started a business creating bags designed and manufactured here in Puerto Rico.

As with most guidance it comes right on time and the path is clear.

I called her, the group and I are going on a private shopping experience in Old San Juan at her shop and the attendees will get to pick out their own authentic keepsake bag to take home.

It will be a shopping experience, hosted by a social entrepreneur and it turns out her shop is right around the corner from where we are staying.

More to come, in the meantime you can check out these authentically Puerto Rican bags, homegrown on this island of opportunity and the story behind the women who dreamed it up.

Go to the founder is Matilsha Marxuach

And order yourself a bag, it supports local business in Puerto Rico and shipping is free.

More to come on this…