From Brooke's Desk: Top 10 tech tools I use everyday

I love technology and it can truly make or break your productivity. I have spent many years trying all the options because I am always looking for the best. 

Here are the top 10 tech tools I use for my business daily #timesaver


Great for building relationships, staying connected and chatting on messenger. I use it for customer follow up, connecting with family/friends and everything in between. 

Note: I spend a lot of time CONNECTING with other humans on Facebook I do not use facebook for “cold calling” or sending random messages about business to people I don't know or do not know well.
Always, always ask permission to add people to groups either business or personal. 

Remember: Facebook is about making connections and nurturing relationships. 


Google solves a lot of problems and adds powerful organization to small businesses, teams, and households. Online storage, affordable email hosting for your custom domain, word processor, spreadsheets and online calendar that you can make public, keep private or share with your team or family.   

It is a great collaboration tool. 


Online storage, I don't know why but I think it is easier to download images and social media share content that I created on and put it in iCloud and find it again then any other storage option I have. It could be because I have so many other things in my Google Drive!

Recommended to me by my friends at Succes Engine I'm using this daily to create landing pages and add them to my website or they can be used stand alone. They have a couple other offerings that can add the flair and convenience of adding text message opt in campaigns to your current offerings.


If paperless is your goal then evernote is you friend, I have been using evernote before evernote was cool and robust and before I knew a thing about organization. That said I can still find most things I stored years ago with their handy effective search option.


For me this is easy and affordable solution to satisfy my desire to create images and sharable content and change it up whenever I want. I love me some Canva and their design blog is awesome too.


My love affair and it is always getting better. After many websites and going through the different options Squarespace is my go to to launch new sites and concepts on a budget and with professionalism. 

If you want a blog, launch a business or create your own web presence for personal use Squarespace is it. 

I highly recommend Squarespace over anything else. 

You know, I have tried it all. 


I have a love/hate relationship with Wordpress but have spent so much time, effort and money on learning to and hiring someone to create a website that I feel committed in ways to continue to use it for something.

I do love the wordpress app and how easy it is create a blog from your hand held while you are rocking sleeping babies in your arms.

Squarespace has the same convenience. 


I have used the mass majority webinar tools available, I have bought, paid for and tried so many of them it is ridiculous. The most annoying thing about webinar options on the market is many of them are a "wrappers" for google hangouts.

What this means is the base technology is google hangouts and someone built a wrapper to go around it and “make it more robust”

I think this is a bust move and the winner of my webinar woes is

Sadly my 15 year old daughter told me about it when she was 12 and I didn't listen. is free for online meetings, use it to connect with family, friends, colleagues or run your business and nourish your team across oceans.


A contact manager and automation power house with commerce solutions built in and a little R2D2 still left in the mix.

I have used very robust CRMs and old school ones from my 20s. I have been to Dreamforce and the whole shebang. If you are just starting out making sure you have a list of contacts in one place is key. This can be done in google forms. When you take it a little bit bigger, I liked infusionsoft as a company and the people there enough to give it a second try after I had already started and scrapped it over a course of a year.

I use the team over at Succes Engine to help me get things rocking and rolling.

If I need something I will hire them again and again.