Come Reinvent Yourself in Puerto Rico

You can have it all: family, career, business, adventure, love, sisterhood… you name it.

The only limits are the ones you create for yourself.

Women, tend to fill predetermined roles and by doing so, we wake up one day looking at our life and wondering what the {use your imagination}???

I've asked myself this time and time again. 

And I've discovered we are.warriors, strong, capable and adaptable. 

We have people depending on us.  

We wake up as adults and discover that what we spend our days doing has nothing to do with what our soul’s desire. 

When was the last time you took time for yourself to figure out what you want? I mean really figure it out?

I challenge you to consider taking a leap for the people you love. Will you commit to serving the ones you love by investing in yourself?

What would it be like to wake up and enjoy your day.. everyday? 

Do your experience bliss? I do. 

What would it feel like to lead your family from a place where you are living your dream? 

Not later, not next year, not when the kids grow up and move away - today.

How about a trip?

Would a trip to a Caribbean island serve your soul right now?

The Puerto Rico Retreat is a holistic experience for women who crave to live life out to the fullest and believe they can. have. it. all.

This retreat is designed to serve those who are ready to reinvent themselves - women who know what they want out of life and are ready to take their dreams to the next level.

I know you have big dreams; I know you’re ambitious and you crave adventure and clarity and a sisterhood of like-minded women who are willing to take the leaps, too.

Stop using your personal and familial responsibilities as an excuse not to live out your life to the fullest. The deepest truth is that they are your inspiration.

Join me in Puerto Rico. I’ll take care of you like you’re one of my own; we’ll go through a process that will help you become crystal clear on what you desire and how you want to feel.

We are going to add some practical strategy to your dreams; when you leave here, you will be prepared with the tools, clarity, and energy to create what you want. You will also be connected with a community of like-minded women to keep you motivated and energized.

We will have beach time, yoga time, community time, and time for rest and reflection. I will even feed you - even if you are gluten free.

Does it sound too good to be true?

I challenge you to own your own power. Join us in an experience you will never forget. My goal is to provide you with an experience so incredible that you will want to attend every year. This is the ultimate girls trip with inspiring entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, changemakers, and women living in their truth.  

You can choose to the stay the same, or you can book your trip today - the next version of you is waiting.